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April 18, 2018

On the off chance that you might know who know owns this work and where it might be. I am asking that you please ask the owner to please email me. I have two goals in requesting this I would simply like to know where it is and secondly I would like photograph it to have an image of reasonable resolution for my records and future inspiration. This painting was at Vorpal Gallery when the gallery and its contents were seized in a civil suite, later I was informed that my work was at an auction house on Folsom St . I went there immediately to purchase back my work! (How an artist can lose possession of his or her artwork in this way is a story for another time) This painting was the most important to me of the paintings that were at the Vorpal Gallery when it was seized but this painting was not among those that were to be auctioned off. I lost track of until recently I found it listed as sold on a site ironically and appropriately called The owners say they couldn’t locate me even though my name came up readily at the time as an artist and co-owner of Sculpturesite Gallery on the web, and also state that they now cannot find the receipt so do not have any idea who purchased the painting,

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April 10, 2013

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